School History


This overview of the school's history focuses on the development and growth of a small rural school that opened in the outer eastern corridor of Melbourne in late 1923. Time has not enabled a closer examination of all records available, particularly Public Record Office School Correspondence Files from 1953. Nevertheless, unarchived material held at the school has enabled me to fill in gaps without referring to the files. Original documents have been accessed to present with accuracy the school's evolution as a high quality school in the Victorian Education Department. 

It has not been possible to include specific reference to the commitment and industry of individual teachers, parents and students in a work of this size. Their contribution is significant and evident over the years and can be seen in the presentation of the school and grounds as you view them today. 

This historical perspective is dedicated to all who have given of their best to Ringwood North Primary School and in the hope that all students who have passed through the classrooms have fond memories of their time and association with the school.

Original school Sign

The renovated original school sign.

This hand painted sign is painted onto the original cedar board.

There were 3 generations of signage back to the original wood.

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The Donation and the Delay


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