Multimedia means many things at Ringwood North Primary School

Ringwood North is a Distinguished Apple School, and as such has strong beliefs in the creative and collaborative uses of information technology.  Students use a variety of devices to assist in their understandings and presentation of their work.

      water images by Ianthe

Zoom In Photography



The R.N.P.S Zoom In photography program is an extension program that encourages critical thinking, creativity and self-expression.


Students develop ideas for their conceptual photography project and plan them thoroughly using mind mapping software on their iPads.  These ideas are then explored thoroughly and taken to a deeper level of thinking. 


Once a final idea is realised, students then plan out their photography sessions and pre-visualise the end product.


Students learn photographic skills related to composition, lighting, creating impact and a range of camera techniques. Once these techniques are learned they can be applied to the final photography.


This program is offered to Grade Six students to extend their thinking and artistic talents.



 Great images and reflection by Luca



Awesome post production work by Holly