eLearning @ RNPS


Ringwood North Primary School seeks to prepare staff and students for the rapidly developing and changing technological world. The eLearning team enables the development and effective use of digital technologies to support teaching and learning at Ringwood North Primary School.

The school actively promotes and utilises ICT opportunities within the whole school structure, allowing staff to increase knowledge and skills and allowing students to enjoy a more flexible learning experience.

Students in Grade 4-6 are involved in a BYOD tablet program, with the students in Grades Prep -3 utilising shared desktop and ipads in their classrooms.



Film School


At the start of the school year, students in Grades 5 and 6 participate in Film School, a short intensive film making course. Students learn effective strategies for using filmmaking including:


  •  visual literacy with camera angles, sound and symbolism
  •  screenwriting and story-boarding
  •  genres
  •  camera and lighting skills
  •  video editing with iMovie
  •  green screens
  •  stop motion animations


    Filmmaking is a great way for students to showcase their learning and is utilised throughout the curriculum. It also provides many other learning opportunities as students develop their creativity, communication, teamwork, leadership, decision making and time management skills.





Cyber Safety


Cyber Safety is relevant to all year levels, even Prep! In today’s society children from a young age are using online tools. At Ringwood North Primary School we strive to maintain a positive digital culture where students and teachers are safe, responsible and positive members of the online world, interacting with digital technologies successfully.


At every year level students participate in a variety of learning opportunities, allowing them to explore and develop their digital literacy skills in keeping safe online, understanding appropriate online etiquette and helping make good online choices.


Ringwood North Primary School grade 5 and 6 students have published an eBook titled, RNPS’s Guide to a Positive Digital Culture, which you can download in the iBooks store here.


Parents can also learn more about creating a positive digital culture at home and keeping their children safe online by exploring a number of online websites. Some suggestions are:


  • Student Wellbeing Hub - The Australian Government Department of Education & Training has funded the Student Wellbeing Hub which provides great resources to teachers, students & parents. Follow the link to the parents section.

  • iParent - The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner created this space for parents to learn about the digital environment and keep updated on current children’s technology use.

  • Stay Smart Online - The Australian Government has created this simple, easy to understand advice on how to protect yourself online as well as up-to-date information on the latest online threats and how to respond. This site is about keeping adults safe online which is important too!






    Digital Technologies


    Digital Technologies is new to the Victorian Curriculum and is separate to Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). ICT supports students to be effective users of technologies and is incorporated in all subject areas. Digital Technologies builds on and extends ICT, moving students from technology consumers to creators.

At Ringwood North Primary School, students are involved in a variety of learning opportunities that develop knowledge, understandings and skills in information systems and computer science to allow students to become creators of digital solutions. Coding and/or programming are explicitly

taught in grade 3-6 while robotics and computational thinking is explored throughout the levels.