Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music


All children in the school participate in the classroom music program.

Ringwood North Primary School offers parents/guardians the opportunity to enrol children in our instrumental music program.

Participation in the program is optional. 

Lessons are half an hour in duration, and take place during the school day on a rotating timetable.

The lessons are conducted during the school day by qualified instrumental teachers. 

Parents can opt to have children participate in instrumental music sessions in either single or group lessons.

Fees are modest for the high quailty instruction offered. 

During 2015 more than 200 children are learning from a range of instruments including electronic keyboard, piano, violin, guitar, clarinet, flute, recorder, percussion and trumpet.


We view our Performing Arts Program as an enriching and engaging opportunity for students. 

We value the importance of this program in the education of children.


The goals of the program are clear:

· to provide the opportunity at school to learn a musical instrument­ in order that children develop lifelong leisure music skills.

· to encourage skills that are developed through this initiative to be extended into normal core curriculum areas, notably self discipline, commitment, perseverance, enhanced self esteem and increased confidence.

· to provide lessons at affordable rates in groups of no more than 3 children thereby increasing access to instrumental music to greater numbers of children.

· to provide opportunities for group performances at concerts, public gatherings in the local community and in the school band.


· To provide parents with 2 reports each year which outline their child’s progress.



COST:    $ 14.00 per half hour lesson for groups of 3

              $ 18.00 per half hour lesson for groups of 2

              $ 30.00 per half hour private lesson.



Please consider this opportunity for your child while at Ringwood North Primary School. An enrolment/application form is available at the office.


Here are some snapshots of the talent performing at our recent mid year Soiree.