Classroom Music

Classroom Music


At Ringwood North PS we are committed to the development of the whole child. Engagement in The Arts assists children to nurture creativity, build confidence, see problems as opportunities, persist through challenges, appreciate the efforts of others, collaborate in ensembles and teams, develop new ideas, take creative risks, accept constructive feedback, and understand contributions affects outcomes.




Every child attends Classroom Music for one hour each week. Our program encourages each child to see themselves as a musician, and engages students in a range of activities including singing (individual and group), instrumental ensembles, creative composition, movement and dance, listening skills, appreciation, and performance.

Children are introduced to basic formal music notation and learn to interpret, represent and reproduce it for themselves.


As part of a global community students are exposed to a wide range of musical genres and styles.




From Grade 4-6 children use iPads for composition, research, evaluation and performance tasks.

Grade 6 students learn basic ukulele.


Whole School songs are a great community event which involves all students learning the same song with some choreography, and coming together to sing together.




Other Musical opportunities include:


Fun Choir


Senior Choir


 School Band performing at Assembly




 NEVR Concert at Hamer Hall, 2016


Count Us In


Carols On The Green


Performance Week each term