Production Overview

Production Overview

Ringwood North has a proud tradition of staging musical productions with an exemplary record of excellence. 


These events are truly owned by the community.  The teaching staff work through all aspects of the production, direction and staging, music and choreography, sets and props, costuming and makeup, all with the help of our parent body.


The productions are staged biennially at the George Wood Theatre at Yarra Valley Grammar to give students a truly theatrical experience.


These experiences give the students fantastic experiences and memories of what can be achieved when people work together.


Productions are staged in third term over three nights in early to mid September, depending on the Theatre availability.


Previous shows have been:


1995   The Wizard of Oz


1997   Peter Pan


1999   Cinderella


2001   Pinocchio


2003   Snow White


2005   Aladdin


2007   Wonder in Aliceland 


2009   Wind in the Willows


2011   Beauty and the Beast

2013 The Wizard of Oz

2015 Dr Dolittle

2017 The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan





 1.      Purpose

Musical productions at Ringwood North Primary School are an important part of the school's Performing Arts program. Musical productions are seen as a means of allowing students to perform before an audience and further extend self-confidence and ability in the Performing Arts. Productions are also a significant school event requiring involvement by staff, students, parent body and wider community groups, and are  a way of building community spirit by working towards a common goal.


2.      Guidelines

2.1    Productions will be staged every two years ? usually over four evenings, depending on venue.

2.2     All students participating in the musical production will be required to meet and display the musical production criteria being; merit, general attitude and commitment to participation in the production.

2.3     Auditions will be held for students in years 5 and 6 for major roles.

2.4      All students displaying participation criteria from years 5 and 6 will be given the opportunity to participate in various aspects of the production.

2.5      Students from years 3 and 4 may audition for selected roles will also need to meet the participation criteria.

2.6      Students from years Prep to 2 will be chosen by their class teacher to participate in the production. Preference will be given to those Grade 2 children who fulfill participation criteria but were not selected for production participation during their Prep year.

2.7     Students in all year levels will be involved in relevant aspects of the production through classroom programs, which encompass the eight Key Learning Areas.

2.8     Parents and members of the broader community will be actively encouraged to be involved in the production.

2.9     The production shall be self?funding.  Profits will be used to benefit the students of Ringwood North Primary School.

2.10   The production team will consult and liaise with members of the school community to ensure maximum communication and co?operation.

2.11   The School Council needs to cite the performance license for any production performed in the name of the school.