Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop operates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8.45 and 9.15am, and carries the full range of student uniform options.


An order form to purchase items of school uniform can be printed by selecting the link below and downloading it.




1.        Purpose

In accordance with the Department of Employment and Education guidelines the School Council of Ringwood North Primary School introduced compulsory school uniform.  All students of the school will wear the correct uniform at all times.


2.        Guidelines

2.1     A Uniform Shop is established at the school to facilitate ease of purchase of uniform 

2.2     School Council is to be responsible both for enforcing school uniform policy and in overseeing the trading operation of the shop.

2.3     It is a requirement of audit that two six monthly profit and loss statements be  submitted to School Council. At School Council discretion random stock takes will occur.

2.4     Out of Uniform' days will be determined from time to time in an effort to raise money for Social Services and to provide opportunities for free dress. The action will be taken under the auspices of the Junior School Council.

2.5     Consequences for the failure to wear correct uniform:

         (i)   the student is to be asked for an explanatory note from parents outlining the  reason for being out of uniform. This notification is expected by way of  courtesy in the first instance.

         (ii)  Subsequent breaches will be dealt with as follows upon failure of a  satisfactory explanation: Part 5.3(2) of the Education Regulations 1988 states that:


"The Principal may direct that a student be disciplined in accordance with Regulation 5.6 for not wearing school uniform as and when required under the School Council's determination of school uniforms."

In Regulation 5.6 the only disciplinary measure available to principals in relation to enforcing school uniform policy is defined as: "To undertake additional work at a reasonable time and place."

School Council has decided that the disciplinary measure to be used if students do not wear uniform on any specific day without a written note of explanation or having been granted an exemption, that the pupil concerned will do additional work for up to 30 minutes at lunch time.


2.6       Acceptable School Uniform

·        Cornflower Blue Polo Shirt with school logo and contrast collar with stripes


·        Navy V neck Windcheater with school logo and striped wrist bands


·        Navy Blue Bomber Jacket with school logo and striped bands (optional)


·        School issued Summer Dress


·        School issued Winter Tunic or Skirt


·        Hat – navy blue legionnaires or cricket style hat with school logo


·        Navy Blue Fleecy Tracksuit pants


·        Navy Blue Gabardine pants


·        Navy Blue Bootleg Pants


·        Navy Blue shorts


These items are available from the Uniform Shop, however, they may be purchased from a department store.  Style, quality, material and colour must be in line with the standard of goods supplied by the Uniform Shop.


Hats form a part of the compulsory summer school uniform and must be worn for all outdoor activities from the 1st of September until 1st of May.



Children are permitted to wear watches, but they are the child’s responsibility.


Students may wear small sleepers or plain studs.  However they are not permitted to wear decorative earrings.



Make-up and nail polish are not permitted.  Hair ties are to be navy blue only – other hair accessories are not permitted.



Toys brought to school are the child’s responsibility and should be clearly labelled.  Children are asked not to bring jewellery and other valuables or fad items to school.  Whistles, toy guns and knives, water pistols and electronic games are not permitted.  The school takes no responsibility for expensive toys brought to school.



For safety reasons it is expected that sensible, practical footwear is worn at all times.  Open toed or slip on footwear is not suitable.  No thongs are allowed at any time.  Black footwear is preferred with uniform.  Runners are recommended on Phys Ed days.



Most items of school uniform are available from the Uniform Shop which is located near the staff room and operates Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8:45 am and 9.15 am.  Please note that “pre-loved” clothing is available at very reasonable prices.


Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named so they can be returned.  Initials on labels tend to fade and eventually wear off, so please check them occasionally.  We would appreciate your co-operation in attending to this.


Lost property is located opposite the Uniform Shop.  At the end of each term unclaimed articles are resold in the uniform shop.  It is your responsibility to name your child’s articles of clothing.



Ringwood North is a ‘Sun Smart’ school.  Hats are to be worn by all children during the school day for all outside activities from the 1st September until 1st May – consistent with Cancer Council guidelines.